Cricket World Cup Winners | All World Cup Results Played So Far

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All The Cricket World Cup Winners Teams Which Are Won The Tournament From 1975 To Now.
Cricket World Cup Winners | 11 world cup has been played So far in the history of cricket, in which many teams have managed to win the WC more than once, there are several teams, which have not won a single WC so far and still trying to win the first WC for the country, Let’s know, how many WC wins by a single team.

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1. Cricket World Cup Winner 1975.

Cricket World Cup was started in 1975, this WC hosted by England, UK. At that time the West Indies were counted among the most dangerous teams. In the 1975 WC finals, the West Indies defeated Australia and captured the first WC. At that time the captain of the West Indies was Clive Lloyd, and Ian Chapel captained by Australia.

2. Cricket World Cup Winner 1979.

The second World Cup was played in 1979. The 1979 WC finals were played on 23 June between west indies and England in Lord’s, London. Lord’s hosted the ICC Cricket WC final for the second time. West Indies again won the 1979 WC final match and set a record for winning two World Cups.

3. Cricket World Cup Winner 1983.

The third Cricket World Cup was played in 1983. Hardly anyone could forget this historic WC. the final match played in Manchester between India and west indies. West Indies Won the toss and decided to bowl first. The Indian team scored 183 runs in eight wickets. Everyone felt that the World’s most dangerous team West Indies would make their WC winning record for the third consecutive time. But the result turned out to be something else, and the Indian team piled up the West Indies on 140 and won by 43 runs, and the Indian team became the world champion for the first time.

4. Cricket World Cup Winner 1987.

Fourth Cricket World Cup played in 1987 and Hosted by India. Where Australia faced England in 1987 WC final match, this match played at Eden Gardens, Kolkata. Where Australia defeated England by 7 runs, In this exciting final match, Australia scored 253 runs in 50 overs, but England’s whole team could only score 246 runs and lost the match. With this win, Australia won the Cricket WC for the first time.

5. Cricket World Cup Winner 1992.

In the 1992 World Cup, once again the English team made it to the final. And in the final match, the England team faced the Pakistan team. In that match, Pakistan scored 249 runs in the first inning. The English team to chase the target was all out after scoring 227 runs. And Pakistan won by 22 runs, and for the first time, Cricket WC was named.

6. Cricket World Cup Winner 1996.

1996 World Cup final match played on 17 March at the Gaddafi Stadium Pakistan, Where the two legendary teams Australia and Sri Lanka faced each other In this final match. in that match Australia scored 241 runs for 7 wickets, after that Sri Lanka chased the target very easily and won by 7 wickets, and became the world’s fifth WC winning team.

7. Cricket World Cup Winner 1999.

The 1999 World Cup Final was once again hosted at Lord’s London. in this final match played between Australia and Pakistan, and Australia has won a very easy victory. The Pakistan team was all out after scoring just 132 runs in 39 overs, in response Australia only finished the match in 20.1 overs. Australia won the match by 8 wickets and became the second team to win the Cricket WC twice.

8. Cricket World Cup Winner 2003.

The World Cup of 2003 was very spectacular from the Indian team’s perspective. In this WC, the Indian team lost only two matches. And both were defeated by Australia team. In the first league match, Australia defeated India, and so did the same in the WC final. In the final match, Australia scored 359 runs in the first batting session. Creating 300 plus runs at that time was a big thing for any team. Going to pursue such a huge goal, the psychological pressure was created on the Indian team, and the team got stuck with 234 runs. And Australia won the WC final match with difference 125 runs. Along with this, the Australia team became the first team to win the WC three times.

9. Cricket World Cup Winner 2007.

In the 2007 World Cup, the Australian team played the final match with Sri Lanka once again, Australia scored 281 runs in 38 overs. Prior to the match, due to falling water the match was made of 38 overs, and Sri Lanka had to achieve the target of 282 runs to win. But Sri Lanka’s team could only manage 215 runs in 36 overs, after which once again, Australia won the final match by 53 runs under the Duckworth-Lewis Rules. And he made his record of winning the WC three times consecutive, as well as the only team to win the WC four times.

10. Cricket World Cup Winner 2011.

2011 Cricket World Cup hosted in India once again. The WC final match was played between India and Sri Lankan team at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. The target of 275 runs was made by Sri Lankan team in 50 overs, and the Indian team achieved the target by losing four wickets, and the team got the distinction of winning the WC for the second time.

11. Cricket World Cup Winner 2015.

2015 World Cup hosted jointly by two countries Australia and New Zealand. And the special thing about this WC was that both the teams entered the finals, after defeating other teams. The final match between Australia and New Zealand was played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground Australia. In the match, the New Zealand team batted first but failed to score a bigger score, which benefited Australia, and Australia won the final match and won the WC too for the fifth time. In the final match, New Zealand was all out after making 183 runs. Chasing target, Australia lost three wickets and won the match.

Let me tell you, so far 11 ODIs have been played in the International World Cup. In which the Australia team has won the most 5 World Cups. The West Indies and India have twice each and Pakistan and Sri Lanka has made their WC title-once. Other veterans such as England, New Zealand and South Africa have so far failed to win the WC.



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