Customer Finds Fingernail In Burger At Fast Food Restaurant

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We have all ordered a meal only to find it made wrong, such as a burger with mustard when we specifically asked for none or the occasional soggy french fries — yuck! For one customer at a Culver’s restaurant in Arizona, what he found in his burger was not a typical mess up and it was completely unexpected — a fingernail!

Najib Anek was enjoying his burger when halfway through he bit into the fingernail. “It was crunchy man,” Anek told FOX 8. When he complained to the manager, they offered apologies. However, the sorry’s did not help the way it made his stomach feel. Anek said he went on to throw up three times after the incident, unable to get the experience out of his head he even dreamed about it.

Video surveillance showed the lady who prepared his burger was not wearing gloves and  she was placed on leave.

Culver’s reached out to Anek and offered him a free meal, but the experience was so daunting that he refuses to give the burger joint another try.

“It wasn’t a good experience for me. And I will never eat here no more.”