DaBaby Released From Jail After Assaulting Promoter

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Famous rapper DaBaby is now released from jail after a couple of days. The Florida Police arrested him for battery charges.

He allegedly beat and robbed the concert promoter and was released on Sunday from the Miami-Dade jail.

The rapper met his promoter along with one other guy. He and his entourage expected to be paid $30,000 for his efforts but only received $20,000.

He then punched the promoter and had his entourage attack the 2 men he met with, this began a brawl.

The arrest took place on Thursday after the police were called shortly after DaBaby attacked the promoter and wasn’t paid in full for his part in a concert.

DaBaby is set to perform in Miami on the 30th of January and is part of the 3 day 2020 Bud Light Super Bowl Music Festival.

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