Damian Lillard & D’Angelo Russell Both Put Up 50+ Points In Same Night

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Damian Lillard set a record last night he had a 60 point game while playing against the Brooklyn Nets. Stephen Curry may be out but, that didn’t stop his new team mate D’Angelo Russell from putting up a fight for his team.

The guard put up 52 points, Lillard created a spark for his team that hasn’t been present all season long. That effort unfortunately lead to a loss for the Portland Trial Blazers. The Warriors faced a similar feat catching a loss from the Minnesota Timberwolves after such big games from both players.

Although both players put up huge numbers this is a record for their individual careers, LeBron James stated previously after collecting a triple double that he’s not concerned with his stats as long as he gets the wins.

Usually as star players step up you’ll see team mates feed off their ability and lead the team to a win but this didn’t happen for the Blazers nor the Warriors.

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