David Griffin Takes Back Comments About LeBron James

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LeBron James has faced a lot of criticism about his focus to win a championship again and his ability to play with others.

Most recently his GM of old David Griffin had some harsh words to say about James and what it was like to build a team around him.

LeBron didn’t like what he heard and reached out to get a better understanding of what he ment.

“The fact that there was so much scrutiny in everything that we did, when I was speaking about being uncomfortable and being miserable, it was my inability to deal with that media scrutiny,” he said.

“It wasn’t the man himself. It was everything that came with a team led by LeBron James. It had nothing to do with being miserable with LeBron. We had and have a very positive relationship.”

Since he made his comments the two have spoken and appear to be on good terms.

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