Dennis Schroder Leaves NBA Bubble To Attend Birth Of His Child

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The Oklahoma City Thunder will be without their back up point guard, Schroder will not be available to play and will be with his family he awaits for the arrival of his second child.

“It happened this morning, so he’s with his family at this point in time,” said the team coach.

The NBA is currently relaunching their 2019-20 NBA season and invited 22 teams to compete in the completion of the season.

“I’ll have a chance to probably talk to him and find out a little bit more, if it’s not later today, tomorrow. But right now for at least this game, he’ll be out. We’ll probably be able to gather some more information once we get a chance to spend a little bit more time with him over the phone.”.

The Thunder are 41-25 on the season and are currently sitting in the 6th playoff spot.

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