Dion Waiters Misses Game Over Marijuana Brownie Reaction

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Dion Waiters Misses Game Over Marijuana Brownie Reaction 1354993142

Source: NBA.com

Dion Waiters a guard for the Miami Heat reacted to a brownie infused with THC the wrong way.

He was unable to play in the Heats game in L.A. vs the Lakers.

He also missed the Pheonix Suns game due to eating infused gummies and had a reaction.

Waiters is at risk of losing $1.2 million in his contract bonus, 4 more games missed will lead to the loss in this season.

The guard then flew back to Miami to recover.

Heat have declined to comment reports ESPN.

Marijuana is legal in several states though the NBA has decided it’s against their rules and prohibits players from using it.

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