DIY Cool Unicorn Drinks

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Step away from all the starbucks unicorn frapp talk & make some of your very own DIY unicorn inspired drinks.

Unicorn Hot Chocolate


DIY Cool Unicorn Drinks 683292228

Get the how to HERE

Magical Unicorn Cocktail

For those I want to still be a kid, but I kinda also want alcohol type moments 🙂

DIY Cool Unicorn Drinks 223315068

Get the how to HERE

Layered Rainbow Frozen Drink

Taste the rainbow!

DIY Cool Unicorn Drinks 552264659

Get the how to HERE

Cool off with this Sunset Slushie

Add whipped cream & sprinkles!

DIY Cool Unicorn Drinks 1717577444

Get the how to HERE

Vibrant Blue Slushie

Add nerds, whipped cream, sprinkles & twizzlers for a more magical feel 🙂

DIY Cool Unicorn Drinks 791734652

Get the how to HERE

DIY Cool Unicorn Drinks 1973416853

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