Diy Ideas To Beautify Your Garden This Summer

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As the summer season approaches, the leafless trees and plants bloom with vibrant colours to revive themselves of those stark, cold winter months. You may find that your garden isn’t as robust as it once was. It may need a bit of sprucing up as nature’s elements have disturbed the landscape. You may also find old leaves weighing down your plants or that your previous landscape is out of placement. It’s okay because you can refurbish your garden for the new summer season with the 5 following DIY ideas to redesign your garden, restoring it back to health and giving it a beautiful aesthetic that is inviting to everyone. Here is a list of a few innovative DIY design projects you can do for your garden.

Flower Bed Border

Diy Ideas To Beautify Your Garden This Summer
If you have any flowers or plants that you would like to show off, then making a border around your flower bed would be great to display your flowers as a centrepiece of the lawn. You can line the edge of your garden with various items like wood, pebbles, stones, bricks, etc. Many people with spaced out plants layer mulch on top of any exposed soil in their garden to add more decoration. Some of the common mulch colours include dark hardwood, brown hardwood, lava rock, and pine straw. After your garden is to your liking, finish it off by edging it with bricks. To edge your garden with bricks, you will need rope, masking tape, masonry pencil, rubber mallet, paintbrush, garden hose, trowel, tarp, nail, circular saw, and spade. For in-depth instructions on how to edge your lawn, you can refer to this tutorial.

Stylize a Walking Path

Walking paths on your lawn aren’t just good to look at. They are also very convenient for getting better access to your yard without getting yourself too dirty. If you have a big yard or garden, you can incorporate the walkway through the garden so that you are surrounded by your beautiful plants as you walk throughout your yard. Some walkways are made out of cobblestone, pavement, river rock, flagstone, and concrete. However, we’ll be looking at the pallet walkways which happens to be made out of wood. Pallets can be found in many stores so they are easy to get. You will need to take the pallets apart using a circular saw and a crowbar to remove the nails from the pallets. You want to lay each pallet in the formation you want the walkway to go. After drilling a hole on each end of the boards, you will drill landscape pins into the boards so that the pallets are more secure to the ground.

Beautiful Laser Cut Sculptures

Diy Ideas To Beautify Your Garden This Summer
Laser cut sculptures are quite out of the ordinary, especially when it comes to placing them in your yard. These sculptures are a great addition if you want to showcase some artistry in your garden. There are amazing laser sculptures of animals, trees, flowers, and more fun things. You will need a laser cutter to cut through the material. You can use wood to make your sculpture and use paint to accessorize your art later. Speaking of lasers another innovative DIY project you can do to personalize your garden is laser engraving where you can engrave artwork and labels onto wood so that your plants can be categorized. This especially comes in handy with gardeners who grow food and herbs in their gardens to organize where everything is located.

Water Features

Water features like small ponds, fountains, and streams are excellent water features to integrate into your garden. As extravagant as a water fountain may sound, there are very simple DIY tutorials that show how you can make something as simple as plastic pots into a homemade fountain. You might even find birds and frogs paying your fountain a visit. For instructions on how to create a beautiful cascading waterfall fountain, you can check out the steps listed here.

Landscape Lighting

Why not show off your garden at night too? There are so many lights, lamps, and fixtures that you can utilize in your garden. You can stick these lights alongside your walk path to light the walkway. The lighting gives an extra focus on the landscape. If you don’t want the lights to be seen, then you can hide them underneath stones or behind plants. You can stick them in plant pots as well if you want to illuminate your flowers during the night.

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