DIY Tips: How to Clean Your Garage Shed?

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Most thrifty people don’t want to throw away stuff, instead, they drop it in the garage. Heaps of needful things, so they say, pile up packing the room to the brim. It comes as no surprise to see the car out of the garage sweating under the summer’s heat or shivering to the winter’s cold.
DIY Tips: How to Clean Your Garage Shed? 2063290477
Over time, discards become a habitat to pest. These creepy crawlers spread microbes affecting human health and its surroundings and their mischievous demeanor is annoying. Junks are unsightly, it will emit an obnoxious odor and are fire hazards. You don’t have to live with the problem you can solve it with these doable tips to clean your garage shed.

Cleaning the Garage

Take everything out to get a full inventory of what you have and to rid the space of clutter. Once space is free, you will have an idea of what needs to be done.

  • Use a cloth, a duster, or damp paper to remove cobwebs, grime, loose dirt from windows, doors, and every nook and cranny. You will need an extended broom to clean the ceiling. 
  • Use a pail, soap, water, and a cloth to clean windows. Continuously replace water and wash the cloth when it turns dirty. Once grime hardens, it’s tough to remove use a cleaning agent. 
  • A sponge mop can clean walls and a flat head mop with a microfiber cloth can dry it.
  • Clean up spills even in hard to access areas, clean as you go. 
  • Sweep the floor remove anything in sight that is unwanted like nails, screw, and bits of paper. Look out for loose floorboards, nicks or small patch-up jobs and do repairs now. There might be some unwanted weed control their growth by uprooting and applying herbicide. 

Organizing Your Stuff

All your stuff is laid out and you don’t need all of them. Go through every item segregate them into categories. 


Examine every item you want to keep it should be in working condition and you will use it.


Group items that will be donated and pack them in plastic containers. Include items that you want to throw away but are still in good condition. Pack them in your car and drop them off to an organization of your choice.


Decide which items you want to sell make sure that they are in good shape. Sell them online or through a yard sale. Before doing so give your clients a tickler at least two days before the sale date like “Fantastic Items Almost for Free.”

If there are items left NEVER return them to the garage, it’s best to donate them

Throw away

It’s hard to part with belongings you have spent money on. But if you haven’t used them lately or plan to use it someday, let go of it. This goes for items to repair as well if it’s expensive or you can’t find time to have it repaired throw it away.

Indecisiveness will get you back where you started – a lot of clutter. The money spent will not come back learn from this experience and be a wise spender in the future. Involve every family member you don’t want to see sad or angry faces afterward. And don’t forget to return borrowed items, your neighbors will love you for that.

Organizing What’s Left

Now that the garage is sparkling clean and the excess baggage is disposed this is a chance to keep clutter from the garage shed and keep items organized.

Determine the car’s space and the area that’s left is for placing items according to their types and uses. Group items to easily find them when you need them and return them when done.

  • Frequently used items should be within arm’s reach, shelves work best to store them such as shopping bags, nails, leashes.
  • Cabinets for items that you rarely use like Christmas decors or snow tires. 
  • A pegboard will hold hand tools.
  • Bulky items can be stored at the back corner of the garage such as a lawnmower, garden hose or a wheelbarrow.
  • Wall hooks for large tools or a large bin for shovels, rakes, hoes, and fork.
  • Consider mounting your bikes.

Clean is in and clutter is out, you can step in your new space and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

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