Do I Have To Replace My Whole Garage Door If Just A Section Is Damaged?

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You are getting late for work you rush to your car only to find out that your garage door is not working and you are stuck. Bummer! If you have been in this situation, you would know how frustrating it could. If you haven’t been in this situation but potentially can be, then perhaps you can imagine the frustration.

A damaged garage door could be a real hassle. Apart from just parking your car outside, the replacement could be heavy on your pocket as well. Well, if your garage door has been damaged, don’t panic. It is possible that you may not have to replace it entirely and some repairs would do. So, before jumping on to replacement, you should consider the fact that most of the issues can be repaired. Moreover, according to Home Adviser’s True Cost Guide, the average cost of repairs is between $148 and $321.

It would be better if you call a professional to diagnose what is wrong with the door. However, here are some common garage problems that you may face:

1.     The faulty door opener

This is one of the most common and frequent problems in garage doors and it can also be easily fixed. It usually happens with doors that are chain or drive screw operated. The solution is quite simple. All you need to do is apply some generous amount of lubricant to the door opener’s full length and you will be good to go.

2.     The door doesn’t open or close properly

In some cases, the door opens a bit and immediately closes. When this happens, it is usually because the springs on the top are damaged and need to be replaced. If you regularly replace the springs, then you can only replace the broken ones. However, we recommend that you replace all of them together in order to save costs.

In another scenario, the door might close and then suddenly open. In this case, your door’s photo-eye might be misaligned. Photo-eyes are small plastic components located on both sides of the door. The work as safety features. If this is the case, then you can easily re align them and fix your problem.

Also, make sure that there is no debris on the photo-eye. This will also hinder the door’s functioning. Take a small soft cloth and a gentle cleaner to wipe away the dust, otherwise you will scratch it.

3.     The door does not open at all

In certain cases, the door might not open at all. If this happens and your transmitters are also working properly, then it is probable that the springs are broken. One of the symptoms of this problem, an obvious one is that you will hear a loud bang because garage doors are quite heavy and they rely on these springs got the heavy lifting.

In such, we advise you to immediately seek garage door repair Plano service as these springs can be dangerous to work with. So don’t try to handle them on your own and get professional help. This problem is common because springs are made for only a certain number of cycles and hence they eventually need replacement.

4.     Track problems

It is possible that the door goes off track. This usually happens when the door has been hit with an object or you have closed it too hard. When this happens, immediately stop operating it before any serious damage occurs. Call a technician to put it back on track. There might be a need to replace some of the panels.

Like any other machinery, garage door problems are common. Small issues occur every now and then and it is only in rare cases that you will have to replace the door entirely. Our advice, however, is that you call for professional help whenever an issue occurs, especially if you cannot diagnose it on your own. It is better to be penny wise rather than pound foolish. Your garage door is an important investment; it only protects your car and tools, but also adds to the aesthetics of your house. Hence, you should maintain it regularly.

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