Donald Trump Tells Everyone To “Get Their Shots” As Measles Cases Spread

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President Trump, who has previously linked autism with vaccines in the past, told everyone to “get their shots” as measles cases spread across America. He told reporters at the White House, “The vaccinations are so important.”

Donald Trump Tells Everyone To #8220;Get Their Shots#8221; As Measles Cases Spread

Image Source: Washington Post

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, There have been nearly 700 cases of the measles reported across 22 states. Vaccination rates have dropped in the US with many parents refusing to vaccinate their children for many different reason such as religion, and the link that has been placed between vaccines and autism.

There has been a 300% rise in measles cases worldwide this year compared to last year, reports the World Health Organization. There have been more than 110,000 cases worldwide in 2019.

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