Don’t Touch that Upside Down Bread: Superstitions from Around the World that Will Make You Rich

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Oh, the things we would do for love! Love for money, that is. All around the world, people engage in the most bizarre behaviors, believing they would bring them good luck – and associate the craziest things with a tendency to come into wealth. If you thought that the superstition that breaking a mirror will bring you 7 years of bad luck was difficult to explain, wait till you hear these superstitions about how to gain money.

Touch a Statue

We would all very much like to be so wealthy that we would only have rich people problems like whether to buy a second helicopter. So, if that means that we engage in behavior that seems odd to some people, then so be it. Sometimes we tend to do bizarre things that are associated with prestigious people or places – like rubbing statues of famous men in a specific spot. Among the most well-known, is the tradition of Harvard University students rubbing the toe of the statue of John Harvard every day going to class, in the hopes that it will bring them good luck and success – which for a Harvard graduate is almost synonymous to wealth.

Betway also reports that Havana citizens are known to touch the index finger of the statue depicting The Gentleman from Paris, a popular Havana resident who lived in the city for more than 50 years. Other times, it does not even have to be a person: the iconic Charging Bull, the 15-foot long bronze statue that weighs roughly 7500 pounds, is said to bring good luck in finances to those who touch it. No surprises there, as the statue is meant to depict the vigor and power of the Wall Street area, which includes NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange.

Don’t Try This At Home

Since our home is our main refuge, where we draw all our plans on how to conquer success and amass wealth, it is only natural that many superstitions have to do with things that you absolutely must and mustn’t do indoors. The Russians seem to have nailed things down on this front. According to tradition, if you would like to see wealth, you should scatter coins around your house in random places. Even though, when you come to think of it, it seems kind of strange to go around the house throwing coins over your head (presumably if they are gold or silver, so much better), this is a tradition almost all of us can identify with – every culture has some superstition about how money invites money. And while you are at it, try wearing polka dots as much as possible – according to a Filipino superstition, they will bring you prosperity thanks to their round shape.
Don't Touch that Upside Down Bread: Superstitions from Around the World that Will Make You Rich
Yet, the Russians also have slightly more peculiar habits to teach us. If you don’t want to scare money away, then you should never whistle inside your home. It will inevitably bring you financial loss. Apparently, the Soviets are renowned for being stern and grumpy about wealth, believing that if you tend to be optimistic about the prospect of becoming rich, then you are committing hubris and will be punished by poverty. Money is not a light-hearted matter, as opposed to whistling. According to Business Insider, they share that tradition with Turkey, who take whistling as inviting the devil into your home, and the Japanese, who in a more mundane fashion believe it will draw in robbers or snakes.

Pay Attention to Your Food

Business Insider also reports several superstitions that have to do with food, one of mankind’s favorite pastimes. The French, pedantic as always, avoid putting the bread upside down on the table, as they believe it will make both the giver and the recipient fall into hunger and poverty. This belief can be traced back to the Middle Ages, when bakers would only give bread upside down to executioners – not the most popular people. In the Czech Republic, people tend to carry fish scales in their wallets, believing that they will bring them money due to their visual similarity to silver coins.

The Italians are big on food, so it seems only fitting that they would reserve a specific dish for ensuring good fortune. On New Year’s Eve, all those looking to come into wealth during the next year, prepare “Cotechino con lenticchie” to eat – pork sausage with lentils. Lentils are considered humble in some cuisines, but not for the Italians: their round shape reminds them of coins, along with their green color that brings money in mind. Together with pork, which is high in fat and is meant to resemble luxury and abundance, they make the perfect dish for aspiring millionaires.

No excuses then – if you are really serious about ending the year with some good savings, you know what to do.

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