Dove Cameron Talks About Her Health Problems After Being Called “Lazy”

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Dove Cameron talks about her scary injury that caused her to miss a few performances of Clueless: The Musical. The 22-year-old went to the hospital on Friday, Dec. 28 causing her to miss her performance as Cher Horowitz in the Off-Broadway production of the 1995 movie.

Dove Cameron Talks About Her Health Problems After Being Called

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A mother of a fan who traveled to NYC to see Dove perform got upset over the fact that Cameron wasn’t in the show taking to Twitter to express her frustration in a since deleted tweet. Cameron responded saying,  “I’m not anxious i’m in the ER. please send my love to your daughter.”

On Sunday, the actress took to Instagram to explain what was going on with her health, “Hi loves-you’ve been asking what sent me to the ER the other night & i didn’t wanna leave you hanging,” she posted on Instagram. “Because of the holiday weekend, i haven’t been able to see a specialist or get an MRI, but while i was dancing, something happened with my upper spine and neck & the surrounding nerves, which is why i couldn’t rotate my neck or back.”

She continued, “I’ll be fine, but i need to rest and not aggravate my injury for a few days. because of this, i have had to miss a few performances of #CluelessTheMusical. it’s made me sadder than anything, but @katiegoffman & the whole cast and company is so tremendous, i know you all saw some incredible shows, which warms my heart to no end.”

The Descendants 3 actress had this to say to the haters,  “What doesn’t warm my heart, is seeing all of the cruel messages that i was getting on for being out of the show,” she wrote. “Even though i had communicated that i was taking care of my health, i got messages saying i ‘ruined’ someone’s holiday, or that i was ‘so lazy’ because i ‘couldn’t get it together for just one show’ or i ‘didn’t care about my fans.’”

She went on to say that she can relate to the disappointment of not being able to see your favorite artist perform but that people must remember that artist are only human, “unfortunate, but … no one’s fault, especially not the artist who wants to be performing as much as you want them to.”

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Cameron’s involvement in Clueless: The Musical was first announced back in October. Actress Alicia Silverstone, who played Cher in the hit 90s film, went to see the Off-Broadway adaptation, which gave Cameron a full meltdown.

“thank you @aliciasilverstone for being the angel/animal activist/talent/quality human being that you are, and for coming to see our show. and thank you to both alicia and @amyheckerling for creating such iconic work, and allowing us to play in your world. 🌹” she wrote at the time.

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