Drake Drops Star Studded Music Video For His Hit “In My Feelings”

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Drake dropped the music video for his hit single “In My Feelings” on Thursday and it’s everything we hoped it would be, with many celebrity appearances. The 8-minute video is shot in New Orleans and in the beginning of the video Drake is visiting his love interest Keke, who is played by Lala Anthony.

He is seen pronouncing his love for Keke outside her window. However, her mom.who is played by Phylicia Rashad comes out and tells him to leave.

Throughout the video Drake is seen walking the streets of New Orleans rapping,while people are dancing to his song. One person in particular seen dancing in the video is Shiggy, the internet star who was the first to #DoTheShiggy dance and took the #InMyFeelingsChallenge viral.

In the end of the video Drake wakes up from a nap and realized the whole dance video was just a dream. As he is trying to explain the dream to his friend, Shiggy appears as his assistant telling him he is needed on set. Drake asks Shiggy if he can dance, to which he replies no.

At the closing of the video there is a collage of of #InMyFeelingsChallenge clips, which included Dj Khalid and Will Smith.

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