Draymond Green Has A Chip On His Shoulder After Warriors Doubted For Playoffs

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A year ago most if not all NBA fans would call anyone who thought the Warriors wouldn’t make the playoffs crazy.

Fast forward til now and the doubters are doubtful of the Warriors making any noise this season.

One person who is not buying it is Draymond Green, He uses the negativity  as fuel.

“I’ve heard people say we’re not gonna make the playoffs. That’s crazy to me,” Green made sure to say in an interview on ESPN’s “The Jump”.

“I mean, that’s just, like, that’s total disrespect, but no different than the disrespect we’ve all been getting for years.”

“I like it,” said Green. “You know, being the underdog. It’s been a while since we been the underdog. But it brings that underdog chip back, and I miss that chip. I’m pretty sure Steph missed that chip, and some of the stuff Klay been texting me this summer, I’m positive he misses the chip.”

“So to the oddsmakers, thanks. You got me where I am today. I look forward to where they take me again.”

Green has been a major part in the Golden State Warriors championship run.

He continues to believe in the Warriors chances of winning another championship.

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