Dwayne Johnson Opens Up About His Depression

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Dwayne Johnson opened up to the Express about his secret battle with depression, and about his mother’s suicide attempt — one which he saved her from at 15-years-old.

“Struggle and pain is real. I was devastated and depressed.

Dwayne Johnson, 45, opened up about being a 15-year-old boy, witnessing his own mother attempt suicide.
“She got out of the car on Interstate 65 in Nashville and walked into oncoming traffic,” he said. Big rigs and cars were swerving out of the way.”

The attempt was stopped by Johnson who saved his mother’s life.

“I grabbed her and pulled her back on the gravel shoulder of the road.”

Dwayne Johnson Opens Up About His Depression
The low times as a child left the actor feeling down and depressed, to the point where he even contemplated taking his own life — luckily Johnson and his mom healed. They both attempt “to pay attention when other people are in pain.”

“We both healed but we’ve always got to do our best to pay attention when other people are in pain,” he said. “We have to help them through it and remind them they are not alone.”

Johnson says when it comes to the incident — his mother doesn’t recall the event ever happening.

“What’s crazy about that suicide attempt is that to this day, she has no recollection of it whatsoever,” he said. “Probably best she doesn’t.”