Dwight Howard Admits He’s Stopped Eating McDonalds & Honey Buns Everyday

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Center of the Los Angeles Lakers Dwight Howard has spoke out on the way he takes care of his health and the way he diets. He admitted that his eating habits took a dip and it lead him to eating nearly 24 candy bars a day as well as consumption of the popular food chain McDonald’s chicken wings.

“Back then I thought I’d be able to play forever, thought I could eat McDonald’s, chicken wings and honey buns every single day, but I realized as you get older, you’ve got to really take care of your body, you’ve got to listen to your body.”

“So, my advice for anybody is try to eat as healthy as you can. Health is wealth. A lot of people try to get rich with money, but try to get rich with your body.”

LeBron James is also a fan of taking care of his body and it includes extensive workouts and super healthy diet.

LeBron dropped sugar, carbs, and dairy for 67 straight days back in 2014. He also lost a ton of weight in the process.

It was very similar to the paleo diet, though he admits he modified it to fit his preference.

Dwight has been huge for the Lakers this season and is shooting 78.6% so far this season.

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