Dwight Howard Opens Up In Interview “I’m not gay”

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Dwight Howard opened up about his sexuality and discussed a lawsuit against him during an interview on FOX Sports 1. During an episode of “Fair Game” with Kristine Leahy, Howard talked about the lawsuit that was filed against him in March by Masin Elije, who claimed the NBA star was in a romantic relationship with him.

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In the lawsuit, Elije claimed that Dwight harassed him into signing a non-disclosure agreement after calling things off between them.

“Why would somebody who I never met, never had any contact with, make up a whole story about me?” Howard asked. “And I saw all the hate, the pure hate, from people I have never met before just pile up. Everywhere I went,” the Memphis Grizzly center told Leahy.

“The situation made me realize, you’re not like this. Just be you. Be free. I’m not gay. There’s a lot of people who are and they have to hide. And there’s people who have mental issues and they have to hide. It’s people who have different problems in life and they have to hide. They have to put on their mask every day. But it’s like I don’t want to wear no mask. I just want to be.”

In response to Howard’s interview, Elije wrote on Twitter that he stood by his  allegations.

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