Dwyane Wade Says He Will Work With LeBron James This Season

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Dwyane Wade says he’s excited to work with LeBron this season, he doesn’t have any plans to be out of the NBA spotlight.

Wade is a great player who decided to retire from the NBA out of hopes of having more time with his family, but he appears to be interested in sticking around for LeBron James.

This doesn’t mean he’s going to make a NBA comeback quite yet, He does have an idea of what role he’d like to play moving forward but hasn’t ruled out an return to the NBA court if the opportunity is right.

“You’re definitely going to see me out there,” Wade told LA Times.

“I’ll be there early to work out with LeBron before the game starts. I just want to stay around it and be as involved as I can.”

Fans might be eager to know if he’s really going to suit up for the Lakers.

“I’m going to stay in shape because you never know,” Wade said. “Never say never.”

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