Fight Erupts Between McDonald’s Employees And Customer Over Soda *VIDEO*

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A Mcdonald’s employee and a customer were both caught on camera fighting over a soda. The fight was filmed by Marie Dayag and broke out after the customer asked for a free water cup, to which she then tried to fill with soda instead — uh oh.

Dayag says the worker turned the soda machine off to prevent the woman from stealing soda. The woman provokes the worker by yelling at her to fight and when the employee began to come toward the woman she threw her milkshake at her, before hitting her with a tray.

The employee gets several hits in before another staff member steps in to break up the fight. When the woman throws punches at her she also got involved, by punching the woman several times.

The location of the Mcdonald’s where the fight occurred is unknown.

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