Former Pro Boxer Dies During Croissant-Eating Competition

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Retired Argentinian professional boxer, Mario Oscar Melo, 56, died during a televised croissant eating contest in front of a crowd of onlookers on Sunday. The former boxer choked to death while attempting to scarf down as many croissants he could eat in under 1 minute. Reports say Melo was on his third pastry when he died.

Former Pro Boxer Dies During Croissant-Eating Competition

source: EBL News

Melo’s sister told a local news station that her brother, who was a diabetic, collapsed behind the contest’s host and that people at first thought he was joking.

A firefighter and a doctor attempted to remove the food from his throat while someone called for paramedics, unfortunately the attempt was unsuccessful. He was pronounced dead at Pinamar Hospital.

Mario Oscar Melo is most known for his fight against U.S. boxer Michael Moorer for the WBO light heavyweight title in 1990. Melo was a light heavyweight and heavyweight champion of South America during the 1980s and 1990s.

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