G.I. Joe Currently Working On Spinoffs

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Over more than 5 years have passed since G.I. Joe has been in live-action, several spinoffs are now in the works.

Snake Eyes movie will be coming down to the fans soon, no one was ever sure if they would get to see this group of heroes again.

G.I. Joe is officially in the works and has been confirmed that the soldiers are on their way back.

Not everyone from the original film has been confirmed to return to the film.

The Rise of Cobra wasn’t considered a favorite for critics but, fans who loved the comic book showed up to support the film. Duke was played by Channing Tatum.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation which was released in 2013 was starred by Tatum & Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

It did well in the box offices and had a good success for the franchise.

Now Snake Eyes spinoff due to be released in 2020 is hopeful to be in direct correlation with the previous storylines.

“Provost tries to convince his bosses that twins Tomax and Xamot, who work for the villain organization COBRA, are after a mysterious device dubbed the ‘Wheel of Time’. It would allow the villains to travel into the future and obtain weapons capable of destroying the Joe’s once and for all. However, since his superiors don’t trust him, Provost forms his own squad composed of Helix, Wild Bill, Jinx, and Snake Eyes in order to reach the device before COBRA does.”

Fans will have to wait until Oct 2020 for the film to come out.

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