Gina Rodriguez Apologizes After Saying The N-Word On Instagram

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Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez faced  backlash on Tuesday after she posted an Instagram story using the n-word. Rodriguez has since deleted the video and apologized.

Gina Rodriguez Apologizes After Saying The N-Word On Instagram 1540219643

Image Source: Page Six

Many didn’t find the apology to be sincere, pointing out statements made by Rodriguez in the past that seemed to come off as anti-black.

The actress using the n-word has many believing that Rodriguez is indeed racists towards back people.

Gina took to Instagram Stories to issue an apology video. She said, “I am sorry if I offended anyone by singing along to The Fugees, to a song I love that I grew up on.”

Many found that her apology lacked empathy. However, some fans of Rodriguez came in to defend the actress. One twitter user wrote, “I love how y’all are trying to cancel Gina Rodriguez for saying the “n” word but haven’t cancelled Card* B for it.”

“I’m not sure what Gina said before… but I do know I’m not offended by this particular video,” wrote another.

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