Gordon Hayward Injury Update After Being Hit In The Nose

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Gordon Hayward got hit in the nose and the Celtics appear to be precautions about the star forward, he’s physically been limited. It hasn’t appeared to affect his game play.

“Just got hit in the nose and immediately couldn’t really see much, and felt pretty dizzy,” Hayward said. “I think because of that, had to come back here, go through the concussion thing, and make sure everything is OK… I mean, I still have a pretty good headache right now but hopefully by tomorrow, it should be good. So, well see tomorrow morning.”.

Normally teams will allow the player to rest through injuries that happen during the season, Hayward returned shortly after fracturing his hand he’s most likely focused on continuing his game play.

“He’s getting checked out by the Pacers” said Coach Brad Stevens. The Celtics will look to turn things around after losing to the Pacers, they most likely lost a ton of momentum once Hayward went out.

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