Gordon Hayward Solid Effort In Return For The Boston Celtics

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Gordon Hayward Solid Effort In Return For The Boston Celtics 1708846863

Source: NBA.com

Gordon Hayward spoke to reporters and let them know he seen a possibility he’d return to the game quicker than expected, that he did and he proved a point.

Hayward is ready to play this season bringing down 14 points, 5 rebounds & 4 assists, not bad for a guy that fractured his hand not long ago.

This is a good sign for the Celtics, they’ll will most likely be very competitive this season and will most likely be one of the top 3 favorite out of the East.

The Celtics played Hayward at power forward for Utah played him at that position as well giving them more of a stretch 4 instead of playing him at his usual position small forward.

“The hand feels good,” Hayward said. “Get some more treatment on it tomorrow and get ready for the next game.”

He’s ready for the next game and looking forward to getting his team on a winning streak.

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