Gordon Ramsay Embarrasses Teenage Daughter In Big Chef Little Chef Clip

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Gordon Ramsay may be one of the most successful celebrity chefs, with a number of hit t.v shows, but to his children, he’s just a dad, or in this case an embarrassing dad. The hotel hell star managed to embarrass his teenage daughter Tilly by showing off his dance moves in a video filmed for their This Morning cooking segment, Big Chef Little Chef. 

Ramsay shared the funny short clip to his Instagram with the caption, “UK…Watch me embarrass @tillyramsay on Big Chef Little Chef @thismorning… This #DiscoDad still has all the moves.

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UK…Watch me embarrass @tillyramsay on Big Chef Little Chef @thismorning… This #DiscoDad still has all the moves.

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Ramsay and Tilly were talking about the importance of learning to cook at school, with the teenager saying “I think all schools should try and do cooking lessons because it really helps and it’s something you’re gonna need.”

“You learn to eat healthy, you learn to look after yourself, and it makes you a little bit more independent. All your mates will want to come round so you can have dinner parties,” Gordon added. Tilly didn’t agree, responding, “Hmm, not really, no, because we don’t really have dinner parties at age 16.”

Don’t you do dinner parties before going to the disco?”  Ramsay asked his daughter to which Tilly explained that she attends parties not discos. The talk of parties and discos prompted the celebrity chef to break out in a little dance. “No…stop,” an embarrassed Tilly said, while covering her eyes.

Gordon and Tilly, who has a passion for cooking just like her dad, host cooking masterclasses with children who have been nominated by their parents or families. Tilly, real name Matilda Ramsay, also has her own CBBC TV show –Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch, which focuses on her and her family during their summer holidays in LA, while Tilly cooks up yummy recipes for them to enjoy. The 16-year-old also released a cookbook in 2017 called Matilda & The Ramsay Bunch: Tilly’s Kitchen Takeover.

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