Guys, There’s A Girl Scout Cookie Drive Thru, And We’re Not Kidding!

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When Girl Scout selling cookie season comes around, it’s usually not hard to spot a table set up nearby selling one of the most sought after cookies. However, an elementary school in Indiana has made it to where buying a box of thin mints can be done without ever leaving your car.

Guys, There#8217;s A Girl Scout Cookie Drive Thru, And We#8217;re Not Kidding!

Image source: Girl Scouts

Butler Lab School in Indiana is offering drive-thru services on Feb. 2. How cool is that? So, this means you can stock up on your favorite cookies from your car. If you happen to live nearby, you’ll want to take advantage of this event.

If only there were Girl Scout cookie drive-thru’s in every town, we would totally be down for that!

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