Have Fun Searching These Terms On Google’s 20th Birthday

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Google is celebrating 20 years, the company released a video Google Doodle to highlight some of the most popular searches from the most popular search engine.

The Doodle begins by going through popular searches that people looked for over the past 20 years. It starts with the most popular question back in December 1999: “What will happen on Y2K?”.

In celebration Google has hidden Easter eggs within their search engine. Here are some retro words and phrases that will reveal modern spelling suggestions, Google sets a reminder that it’s 2018:

Baby: Bae

Butterfly clip styles: Top knot

Chat room: Text the group

Clip art: gif

Digital pet: Fidget spinner

Googol: Google

How to tell someone you like them: Swipe right

Low-rider pants: How to style high-wasted pants

Mp3 file: Stream music

Page me: New phone who dis?

Screen name: Social handle

Soccer world champions 1998: Soccer world champions 2018

What is Y2K?: How does cryptocurrency work?

143: ilysm

Watch a DVD: Streaming subscription

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