Hawaii Volcano Has Experts Warily Eyeing West Coast Volcanic Peaks

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The eruption of a Hawaii volcano in the Pacific “Ring of Fire” has experts warily eyeing volcanic peaks on America’s West Coast that are also part of the geologically active region.

The West Coast is home to a chain of 13 volcanoes, from Washington’s Mount Baker to California’s Lassen Peak. They also include Mount St. Helens in Washington state. Its spectacular 1980 eruption killed dozens of people and sent volcanic ash across the country.

The snow-capped peaks of the Pacific Northwest’s Cascade volcanoes are different from Hawaii’s low-slung volcanoes. They erupt less often and they spew less lava. But they can produce huge clouds of choking ash and send deadly mudslides into rivers and streams.

In this May 8, 2018 photo, a sign under a lahar warning siren is shown as a school bus drives near Orting Middle School in Orting, Wash. The siren would sound if nearby Mount Rainier erupts or triggers a lahar mud flow, which could devastate the low-lying community.

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