Hayley Williams Announces Paramore Will No Longer Perform ‘Misery Business’

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Hayley Williams, front singer of the band Paramore, announced during their show at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium on Friday, that ‘Misery Business,‘ the bands earliest hit, would be performed live for the last time.

“Tonight, we are playing the song for the last time for a very long time. This is a choice we have made because we feel we should. We feel like it is time to move away from it for a while. This is happening. We are gonna play it,” the singer told the audience.

Before Williams started singing she said, “This is to every bad decision that led us here. This is to all of the embarrassing things we might’ve said. We owned up to all of it, and we grew.”

The singers words were in regard to the backlash Parmore has received over one line in the sing in particular. “Second chances, they don’t ever matter, people never change / Once a whore, you are nothing more, I’m sorry that will never change.”

Last year Hailey addressed the controversy. She told Track 7 at the celebration of album Riot’s 10 year anniversary, “The thing that annoyed me was that I’d already done so much soul-searching about it, years before anybody else had decided there was an issue. When the article started circulating, I sort of had to go and rehash everything in front of everyone. It was important, however, for me to show humility in that moment.”

“I was a 17-year-old kid when I wrote the lyrics in question, and if I can somehow exemplify what it means to grow up, get information and become any shade of ‘woke’, then that’s A-OK with me,” the 29-year-old went on to say.

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