Heinz “Mayochup” is Totally a Thing & it’s Coming to the US!

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Have you ever mixed your mayonnaise and ketchup together to use as dip for your fries, on a burger or to drizzle over a salad for a homemade thousand island? Welp, Heinz is making it easier for you to get the ketchup-y + mayo flavors you crave by bringing “Mayochup” to the United States.

A few months ago, people began to realize the mayo + ketchup combination was being sold by Heinz as “Mayochup” in the Middle East. Ever since, people couldn’t help but wonder what is so great about it and why it hasn’t hit stores in the US. Get your taste buds ready, with all the positive responses surrounding the condiment creation Heinz is bringing it to the States!

According to Heinz, its Mayochup combines mayonnaise, ketchup, and a special blend of spices and will be available for around $3 at major retailers like Walmart. Heinz announced the product will arrive on American shelves this month.

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