Here Is When You Can Watch ‘You’ Season 2 On Netflix

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‘You’ season 2 is coming super soon — and we really cant wait for the creepy Netflix drama to come back into our lives. The series will return to the streaming service on Dec. 26. It’s going to be like Christmas all over again — eeeek! The new season will pick up with Joe (Penn Badgley) switching his location from New York to Los Angeles and he has his eyes on a new girl to stalk.

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Joe’s new love interest will be Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti).  Sera Gamble told Entertainment Weekly that Quinn is, “very warm and there is a carefree aspect to her spirit that really comes from the fact that she has constructed a life for herself that’s about being in the moment and doing what she loves every day. In that way, she’s very very different than the woman that you got to know in season one, Beck, who was ambitious and driven as a writer and also as a young person in a social circle that had a certain kind of status.”

Gamble also noted that Joe will be even crazier in season 2, and yeah, we cant wait to see all thrill the new season will bring.

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