H&M Uses Musicians Song Without His Permission

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After just months of receiving major backlash for being called racists, H&M has made a public apology for using a musicians song without permission.

Australian musician, Harvey Sutherland said his track, Bamboo, was used without his permission on an advert that was posted to Instagram on Monday.

When asked about the song by users H&M said it was a song with no name that was specifically produced for them — we’ve determined that is a LIE.

The musician commented on the post asking for the company to DM him immediately.

After being approached by Sutherland who is the creator behind the song the company removed the advert and apologized.

“We apologize and have now removed content featuring the music from all of our social media accounts,” a statement from the company said.

In another reply the musician said to H&M “DM me and let’s make a deal”. Instagram users pointed out the companies error and started using the hashtag #payharvey

H&M said in its statement on Wednesday that it had contacted the musician, but did not comment further.

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