How Can You Boost Your Workout Routine

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Do you go to the gym and sweat bullets to get the perfect abs? Do you usually spend hours over the treadmill to tone down the thighs? Have you invested big money on gym memberships and spent hours working with martial arts training equipment? Such exercise could be giving you good results initially, but does it really make up for a good workout?

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There are certain ways to improve your workout and up your game a bit. Experts and fitness gurus believe there is a difference between overdoing any workout and doing exercise that actually helps you achieve your fitness goals.

Following are some exercise tips you can incorporate in your exercise regimen the next time you hit the gym so that you can boost your workout routine:

Avoid over exercising

Most individuals feel that the more they work out and do rigorous exercise, the more flab they will reduce and shed off those excess kilos in less time. However, experts believe the opposite to be true. Health experts are of the view that moderation is the key. Over indulging in exercise actually does not help lose weight as much as moderate exercise does. Spend adequate time in the gym accordingto your stamina and body requirements.

Do not work out without having those carbs

It is strongly advised that fitness enthusiasts should never exercise on an empty stomach. It is better to always have a light meal or snack before heading to the gym. Whatever you eat should be a rich source of carbs that are slow to digest. Such foods include whole-wheat and whole-grains based meals. Avoid refined sugar and refined flour including food made with those ingredients. Avoid
those cakes, donuts, white breads, chocolates etc. and have more meaningful food such as fruits, veggies, brown bread and buckwheat that are a rich of carbohydrates.

Keep altering the pace of reps

When doing reps, it is best to keep changing the pace and altering the speed of reps. Experts say that slow reps are good for building muscle mass while fast paced reps are best for gaining strength
and building endurance. So, health experts suggest that you can easily boost your workout by switching from slow to fast paced reps and alternating at regular intervals to strike a balance and get
maximum benefits from your workouts.

Weight training comes first

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Most individuals do not get best results from their fitness regime as they opt for doing cardio before their weight training. According to recent studies, doing cardio before weight training did not give as desirable results as it did when done after weight lifting. Thus, it is best to either do weight lifting and cardio on separate days or just save cardio for the last.

Have a rich protein shake

It might sound unimportant to some individuals, but having a rich protein shake right after your workout can boost your regime and help increase muscle mass significantly. It is advisable to opt for a whey based rich protein shake at least 12 to 15 minutes after your workout if you wish to gain lean muscle mass.

Head for a shower right after your gym

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Studies show that individuals who are exposed to any heat source right after a strenuous workout are likely to be more relaxed and gain more muscle mass. Therefore, more and more individuals go for a hot shower, a hot bath or a sauna session right after the gym. Not only does this help the body relax and aid in the process of muscle repair, but it also helps gain more muscle mass.

Have some music in the background

Believe it or not, music actually helps you perform better at the gym! Keep your favourite music playing which helps you keep the pace whenever you workout. Music helps you focus better, do
your reps easily and reduce stress and anxiety levels. Go for a selection of music that you actually like instead of just letting some random music blare through your music player as it will help you
psychologically feel better. This will help you boost your workout and gain more energy.

Invest in the right footwear

An area of concern that most people tend to ignore, adequate footwear can actually help you boost your workout considerably. As most exercise routines such as squats and push-ups add pressure on your joints such as knees a lot, one needs to be careful not to apply wrong pressure on them. Ill-fitted sneakers or joggers of poor quality can prevent you from exercising and weight lifting properly to gain optimal benefits from your workout. Thus, it is best to invest in good quality footwear that fit well and allow your feet to breathe as well as endure the pressure of exercising.

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