How to Make a Pop Up Card

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Cards are always a nice gift to give someone to let them know you appreciate them, but pop up cards take that message to a whole new level. It can be difficult to find the perfect pop up card in a store, but the good news is they are fairly easy to make! That’s why Personal Creations has put together a post on how to make a pop up card. Pop up cards can be made with some construction paper, markers, scissors, glue, and some of the printables we have provided. All it takes is six steps, and your card should be good to go!

First, fold a piece of construction paper in half. Next, cut slits in the folded parts. These will help you form tabs that your printables can be stuck to. The third step is to fold the tabs inward so they pop up when you open the card. Then, print or draw your art and stick it on the tabs you made. Fold a second piece of construction paper so it’s the same size as your first one and stick it to the back of the first one. This is the outside of your card. Finally, get creative with your decoration and write a message in the card.

You can use this DIY to make cards with various themes and for different people on different occasions. Now that you know how to make a pop up card, you never have to settle for a regular one again!

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