How to Perfect Your Front Lawn in 5 Easy Ways

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Giving your front lawn the attention that it needs can transform the curb appeal of your home. Your front lawn is the “welcome mat” to your house. It’s the first thing that you notice about a home, so it’s important to maintain your front lawn properly and keep it looking sharp.

To perfect your front lawn in 5 easy ways, read on to find out about proper watering, mowing, lawn-edging, gardening, and weeding techniques.

1. Watering Properly

Grass needs tender love and care and your front lawn’s grass needs water to thrive. Making sure your grass is properly watered is the first step in perfecting your front lawn. Of course, watering the lawn is a technique that is learned and requires your attention when seasons and weather change. Improperly watering, or neglecting watering your lawn altogether will result in an unsightly front lawn.

To avoid watering pitfalls and disastrous results, at the very least remember to water your grass. Sometimes homeowners think a quick sprinkle over the grass will do it, but that won’t give you the greenest or healthiest grass. It’s also unwise to solely rely on Mother Nature to water your lawn. Grass should be watered with more than a light sprinkling. Instead, water your lawn enough that the first few inches of soil beneath the grass are actually being permeated. That means your grass will have water to soak up and drink and sustain itself on for longer periods of time.  Your front lawn should be watered every two to three days. On average, grass should get about 2 inches of water a week, in addition to any rain that may be forecasted.

Morning time is the most ideal time of day to water your grass. That’s because it gives the grass a chance to dry out and receive its next watering. If you aren’t careful you could over soak your grass, which doesn’t end well just like underwatering. Watering your grass in the evening seems like it makes sense but with the added dew and moisture of overnight weather changes, you can potentially risk creating a breeding grounds for mold, which is certain to taint your front lawn.

If you’re front lawn is composed of new grass seed, the key to watering is consistency. Water slightly less aggressively than you would with normal grass. Twice a day should be sufficient, and this process should be in place for at least a couple weeks. This ensures that your grass with be at its peak “greenness”.

2. Mowing Your Lawn

When implementing mowing practices for your front lawn maintenance, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of proper mowing and timing. It’s easy to over-mow your front lawn, especially since you may have an urge to cut it when you feel it’s slightly off-putting. Try to avoid the tendency to do this because in the end it won’t create healthier or more beautiful grass. Instead, to get the alluring uniform look on your lawn, a simple trim should do it. Don’t mow over the same areas again as it will eventually wear out your grass.

Depending on the climate where you live, this will determine how much grass you should be cutting with each mow. For cooler weather areas, the grass should be about 3-4 inches in length, and for warmer climates the grass should be about 1-2 inches tall. Because of these numbers, the ideal length that should be cut when moving your lawn is about ⅓ of an inch.

The top of your grass is the thinnest part of the blade. As a blade gets closer to the soil, the thicker it will be. As you mow off the top of the blade, the thin pieces fall into the soil and are useful as nutrients. So don’t be too quick to pick up all of the trimmings as they are beneficial for your grass.

Some other things to consider when mowing your front lawn to perfection, is to make sure you’re using a sharp blade. There’s not much worse than a dull blade in terms of results. Use a blade sharpener or have your mower blades professionally sharpened. If you do it yourself, make sure you follow all safety procedures.

Lastly, don’t water your grass when it’s wet. It’s best to mow when it’s dry so your grass is not overwhelmed with heavy clippings.

3. Don’t Neglect Lawn-Edging

Lawn edging is the cherry on top of having a perfect lawn. It adds a crispness to your front lawn that is sure to catch your neighbor’s attention and give your home massive curb appeal. Lawn edging is simply creating boundaries and edges around your lawn and the different areas of your lawn that you’d like to highlight. If you want to create a boundary around your garden you can do so by digging a trench around your desired area to highlight and installing and enforcing a material in that trench. This material whether it be plastic, metal, or stones, will help to create those fine lines and boundaries. This is something that you can request your lawn-care company to do for you, or you can easily do it yourself. Lawn-edging is a great way to create eye-catching contrast.

4. Gardening and Landscaping

Adding a flower bed or garden like features in your lawn along with special landscaping is sure to bring your lawn to perfection. Try adding a variety of different plants and flowers that grow well outdoors. This will add pops of color and unique interest to your front lawn. You can create variety by including different types of trees and shrubs and feature different flowers near the mailbox, around the base of your home, or around some of the trees and shrubs. This can be accented with a stone pathway or small picket fence. The options when it comes to gardening and landscaping are endless.

5. Weeding

Every front lawn needs a good weeding. Neglecting to weed your lawn and garden areas in your front lawn, will result in an unappealing and unkempt curbside look.

If your lawn is covered in weeds, it’s a good idea to use a chemical weed killer and a hose to spray with consistency. If your lawn only has a few weeds, it’s best to pull them out by hand and avoid any unnecessary chemical sprays.

Finally, make sure that you weed your front lawn in spring and summer so the weeds never have a chance to take root.

Perfecting your Front Lawn

Using these 5 easy steps, you can have your front lawn looking flawless in no time! There are plenty of lawn-care companies that can do the work for you, and if they do you can use the suggested tips to suggest what you’re looking for. If you decide to take care of your lawn yourself, following these easy steps will help you achieve the perfection your front lawn, and your home deserves.

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