Instagram’s Accidental Newsfeed Update Makes Users Furious

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Instagram made a very noticeable change on Dec. 27 and users were not happy one bit. The update took the traditional vertical scrolling motion and turned it to a horizontal swiping feature that required users to tap through photos on their newsfeed, similar to Instagram Stories.

The random change caused many people to become frustrated, threatening to delete the social app altogether. Luckily, it was all just an accident that was quickly reverted back to normal. Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri sent a tweet addressing the issue, saying, “That was supposed to be a very small test that went broad by accident. Should be fixed now. If you’re still seeing it simply restart the app. Happy holidays!

That was a close one Insta, good thing everything is back to normal! In case you missed the brief update, you can check out what it looked like below, also keep scrolling for some of the funniest tweets too!

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