Is Kim Kardashian ‘Kiki’ In Drake’s “In my feelings” Song?

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Recent rumors have been speculating that Kim Kardashian is in fact Kiki from Drake’s hit single “In my feelings.” Many people seem to believe that Drake and Kim K had an affair, with Nick Cannon even saying the concept of it happening isn’t a far fetched idea. A crazed fan has been pushing the infidelity theory on Twitter for weeks now claiming that Kiki is Kim since it is her nickname.

Many are wondering why Kanye West didn’t interfere in Pusha T’s beef with Drake, claiming it to be out of fear of having things about his family revealed. Despite the rumors  —  the reality star, whose nickname is Kiki, which just so happens to also be the color of one of her KKW Beauty lipsticks, commented on the whole situation saying, “Never happened. End of story.

According to sources close to Kim, the whole concept is false. Apparently, the “KiKi” from “In My Feelings” and the brand that is Kim Kardashian are two separate entities.

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