Jason Derulo Sings From Balcony After His Concert Got Cancelled Over Safety Concerns

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Jason Derulo sang to fans from a balcony after his concert in Prague got cancelled due to safety concerns. The concert was stopped at the Tipsport Arena with hours left to go before the show, so the singer gave his fans an impromptu performance. Although, Derulo will be rescheduling, he still didn’t want his “family” leaving “empty handed.”

“The venue was declared unsafe last night so I performed outside on the balcony. Tho we’ll reschedule a proper date I couldn’t leave my family empty handed. The love and fellowship we shared last night will be forever tattooed on my heart,”  Jason wrote under a video posted to his Instagram.

In the video, Derulo is told by his manager that the venue is unsafe, which concerned the singer, who pointed out: “I mean they been outside since seven this morning, all day long bro. I’m going outside. Give me a microphone or something.” The musician the proceeded out to perform on the balcony — fans were ecstatic that the show went on, and had much respect for the singer for his kind act.

Jason Derulo’s tour continues in Croatia tonight, Serbia tomorrow and Poland on Tuesday.

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