Jenna Jameson Takes An “Indefinite” Twitter Break: “I am being attacked for my faith”

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Jenna Jameson announced that she is taking an “indefinite” break from Twitter due to the mean comments she receives about her faith, reported Fox News.  “Alright I’m taking an indefinite break from Twitter,” the 44-year-old reportedly tweeted on Tuesday, Jan. 8. “It’s near impossible to just have normal conversations without hundreds of people attacking me for the past I cannot change.”

She continued with a more detailed tweet that read, “I want to clarify why I’m leaving. My sobriety and faith are the most important things to me. I am being attacked for my faith. Being Jewish. I must protect my love for G-d above everything, my sobriety and strength stem from him and his grace.”

The former pornstar, who converted to Judaism in 2015, received much backlash for her chosen faith. Jameson married her husband Lior Bitton in 2015 and they welcomed their daughter in April 2017.

While Jameson’s Twitter is no longer active, her Instagram is, where she posts pictures of her weightloss journey following the keto diet which she gives credit to her recent 80 pound weight loss.

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