Joakim Noah Spotted Stripping In Street

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NBA player Joakim Noah was spotted near Santa Monica recently, according to TMZ he was caught stripping down to his birthday suit as he was leaving a boutique store and randomly make the decision to begin taking his clothes off.

In the photo you can see Noah smiling as he’s naked in front of his Porsche the nearly 7ft center is not the conservative type.

The former Bulls player has always been known to be loud and random in the spotlight and hasn’t shown many limits when it comes to what he won’t do in the public such as choosing to use the street for his change of clothing.

No one knows the reason he choose to do this other than for attention. Noah has been the defensive player of the year before but has seen struggles with the New York since joining their team.

In two seasons with the Knicks Noah is averaging 4.6 points, 7.9 rebounds, and 2.0 assists. Clearly his production has decreased which could be putting  an unnecessary financial burden on the Knicks who signed him to a $72.5 million 4-year deal . Noah’s future with the Knicks is unclear at the moment he has mentioned several times he’d like to remain with the team and has love for New York.

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