Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s Dog Was The Real Star At Their Wedding

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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner got married over the weekend …again. And while the couple had so many celebrity guests, it was their dog who was the real star.
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner officially got married in Las Vegas in May — but this time the couple did a more formal wedding in France.

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Porky Basquiak, an Alaskan Klee Klai that the celebrity couple adopted back in 2017, was dressed up like the rest of the groomsmen, making him the cutest part of the wedding party.

But it wasn’t the celebrities attending the event or even the famous couple themselves that were the real stars of this wedding. Instead, it was the dog.

In pictures shared on social media, Joe Jonas is lined up with his groomsmen, including his brothers, and in the pictures he is holding Porky Basquiat’s leash. How cute is he in that doggie tuxedo?! He was so adorable and was for sure the star of the wedding.

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