JoJo Releases New Music Video “Joanna”

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JoJo is that you? It has been a while since JoJo has graced us with some new music. The 28-year-old, who first started in the music industry in 2004, has been through some hard times in her career that she sings about in her new single “Joanna.”
JoJo Releases New Music Video #8220;Joanna#8221; 963218813
This song marks the first since signing a deal with Warner Records, and in it, the singer points out the negativity she has had to endure during her careeer.

“You should date somebody famous / That’ll probably put you on the A-list / That’ll probably get you on them playlists,” she sings.

Incase you forgot, JoJo has been in a legal battle with her former label Blackground Records, after they withheld the release of her third studio album. The singer filed a lawsuit in 2013 and went on to release her 2016 album, Mad Love.

Check out JoJo’s vocal skills in the bright music video for “Joanna” above, and get ready to for JoJo’s next single, “Sabotage,” featuring rapper CHIKA to drop on Oct. 25.

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