Jordyn Woods Speaks Out About What Really Went Down With Her & Tristan Thompson

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Everyone has been waiting for the moment that Jordyn Woods would speak out about the scandal involving her and Tristan Thompson — and it has finally happened! Kylie Jenner’s BFF sat down with Jada Pinkett Smith to tell her side of the story about what exactly went down the night the two were spotted kissing at a house party.

Jordyn admitted to being drunk, but that she still was very aware of the situation. She said that her and some friends were partying at a club and decided to attend a house party at Tristan’s house. Jordyn says that they were all drinking and having a good time and “I’m not thinking I shouldn’t be here” and “that’s my first step where I went wrong.”

” I shouldn’t even had been there”

She admitted to sitting close to the NBA star at the party but says she was not “giving him a lap dance, making out with him” or “sitting all over him” but that her legs were laying over the bottom his. She says they stayed in a group throughout the entire party and never left to go to a bedroom or a private area.

The model said he was unaware that the time had turned into morning but insists nothing sexual went down between the two of them. But when she went to leave, Thompson did kiss her in a non passionate way. However, she says she doesn’t blame Tristan because; “I allowed myself to be in that position.”

Jordyn said after the kiss went down she immediately left, and even though she talked with Khloe and Kylie afterwards, she chose not to speak about “the actions that had taken place.”

” I know I was trying to protect Khloe’s heart. She doesn’t deserve this”

After the scandal broke, Jordyn says for days she couldn’t eat and wouldn’t look at her phone. “Everyday was a new headline” and “another person bullying me.”  The 21-year-old went on to tell Pinkett,” I may have done something wrong but whatever I did I don’t think I deserve this.”

As for what she would have done differently, Jordyn says she would “not have gone with those girls to an after party” and she wished she wouldn’t of put herself in that position.

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