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Justin Bieber Mocks Taylor Swift’s Post-Surgery Banana Video

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It looks like Justin Bieber watched Taylor Swift’s post-Lasik eye surgery video where she flipped out over a banana while being drugged up. Justin mocked the drugged Taylor by whining over a banana in his kitchen while his wife Hailey Baldwin filmed and laughed.

Swift’s mom Andrea secretly filmed her drugged up conversation and gave it to Jimmy Fallon to play on The Tonight Show during her daughter’s appearance on Oct.3.

In Bieber’s shade video, Hailey Baldwin filmed her husband from across the room during an Instagram live stream on Oct. 6. He can be heard saying, “It’s not the banana that I wanted,” while Hailey  laughs and says, “That’s so funny.” He then yelled “It has no head,” similar to Taylor’s post-surgery video.

In the hilarious post-surgery clip, Taylor broke off a banana from a bunch and then cried “That wasn’t the one I wanted” telling her mom she wanted a different banana. Her mom said she’ll eat it if Taylor didn’t want it, to which the singer replied, “But it doesn’t have a head.” Watch the funny post-surgery clip above.

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