Kaley Cuoco Addresses Claims That She Didn’t Stand For Carol Burnett At The Golden Globes

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After being accused of not standing after the presentation for Carol Burnett’s Golden Globes award, The Big Bang Theory actress is firing back. She took to Instagram to address the false claims. “There’s one thing I want to address, which again I don’t normally do,” she said. “I was reading some comments about the evening, and I saw a bunch of people posting that I didn’t stand up during Carol Burnett’s speech. Are you crazy? Not only was I standing, I was bawling.”

Kaley Cuoco Addresses Claims That She Didn't Stand For Carol Burnett At The Golden Globes

She went on to make it clear that Burnett is not only one of her “comedic idols” she is also “one of my favorite people” in general.

“You can better believe  that I was standing and completely touched by her speech—a speech that I will never forget and that I will be able to tell my own children that I was in the room that day,” Cuoco continued. “And the words she spoke touched me to my core. So, I don’t know what show you were watching to go and tell me that I didn’t stand for Carol Burnett and how disappointed you were in me.”

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She slammed haters claiming she wasn’t standing, telling them they must have watched “the wrong clip,” before going on to say great things about Carol.

“She’s one of my favorite people and has truly, like I said, paved the way for my career and a bunch of silly women like me who get to mess around and make jokes on camera and make fun of themselves because of what Carol Burnett did,” she said. “So don’t come at me. I know what I was doing, and I was standing. With that being said it was a magical evening. I am so grateful for my husband and my glam squad and that our jobs give us nights like this. I’m ready to go to bed now and go to work tomorrow at The Big Bang.”

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