Kanye West Pays $85,000 For Rights To Whitney Houston’s Drug Bathroom Photo

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Kanye West who is currently recording in Jackson Hole, Wyoming has rubbed Whitney Houston fans the wrong way. Reports claim the rapper paid $85,000 for a picture of Whitney’s crack filled bathroom where her and Bobby Brown used to live in Atlanta.
Kanye West Pays $85,000 For Rights To Whitney Houston's Drug Bathroom Photo

Kanye will use the photo as an album cover for rapper Pusha T’s new EP called Daytona. News broke during a radio interview that Pusha T did with New York radio personality Angie Martinez.

During the interview Pusha T said Kanye originally hired a photographer to capture the album cover picture, but he later decided to switch things up, Billboard reports.

“The [original] artwork was pictures that we all agreed on,’ explains Pusha. ‘He picked this photographer, we took these pictures […] We picked the pictures. Great. We love it. Everything is good.”

West paid $85k of his own money for the picture of Whitney’s bathroom that shows drugs scattered throughout a mess, a photo to which ran in the National Enquirer originally.

This album cover reveal comes shortly after the rapper decided to use a picture of Dr. Jan Adams, the man who performed his mother’s plastic surgery in which led to his mother’s death back in 2007 following complications.

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