Kate Hudson Wants To Have More Babies With Boyfriend Danny Fujikawa

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Kate Hudson’s childhood dream was to have 4-6 kids and although that dream seemed unrealistic for a while, being with her boyfriend Danny Fujikawa has her thinking of having more kids all over again.

Kate Hudson Wants To Have More Babies With Boyfriend Danny Fujikawa

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“I always thought I’d have four to six kids,” Hudson revealed during her appearance on the Today show Jan.10. “That was, like, when I was really little, I thought that. When you come from a big family you either don’t want kids or you want a lot of kids.”

Hudson and Fujikawa welcomed their baby girl Rani Rose three months ago. The actress also has 15-year-old Ryder with ex husband Chris Robinson and 7-year-old Bingham with ex fiance Matt Bellamy.

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Before Danny, Kate thought for sure she was done with having kids. saying, “At one point I was like, ‘Oh, maybe I’m done’ and then I met Danny and was like, ‘Alright, I got to pump them out for him.”

She didn’t reveal when they were wanting to try for another but she did say that her boyfriend, “needs a boy. He needs his own boy.”

The 39-year-old says being a mom at her age is much different than when she was 24-years-old and parenting her oldest child. “My life is just different. I’m doing different things. You know, Ryder and I had this seven years of, like, nomad, gypsy life. It was amazing. He was attached to my hip, we traveled the world and he came everywhere with me and I was shooting movies. And then you add another one into the mix and it just becomes a little bit more challenging. I tried to do that and I realized I had to kind of hunker down at home a little bit more. Now I have a really good balance.”

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