Kawhi Leonard Disappointed With The NBA

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Kawhi Leonard Disappointed With The NBA 1125695705

Source: NBA.com

Kawhi is known as one of the greatest closers in the NBA right now, he’s got a clutch game that carried the Toronto Raptors to a championship last year. Now he’s bringing that same winning attitude to the Los Angeles Clippers.

Leonard went into a offensive displayed against the Blazers putting up 18 points in that one quarter.

The likes of the Damian Lillard didn’t phase him who was able to put up 22 points in this game.

In a very competitive game there was an dark cloud hanging over the Clippers, Leonard was not happy with the NBA after receiving news that the NBA fined the Clippers $50k for coach Doc Rivers comments “that were inconsistent with his health status.”.

“Sometimes you agree with fines, sometimes you don’t,”

“It doesn’t matter. That is the one thing I’ve learned.”

Leonard is moving past the fine and continues to focus on his team and winning games.

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